Friday, September 16, 2011

missQueenie Weekly Launch!
19th September 2011
Stay Tuned

Enya Dress in Olive Colour $22
Comes in Size M and L

Enya Dress in Black Colour $22
Comes in Size M and L

Venus Top in Turquoise Colour $20

Cassie Blouse in White Colour $25

Cassie Blouse in Black Colour $25

Waynie Dress/Top in Light Grey Colour $19

Waynie Dress/Top in Blue Colour $19

Tannya Blouse in Mint Green Colour $21

Tannya Blouse in Baby Pink Colour $21

Samantha Heart Bag in Brown Colour $25

Prairie Blouse in Pink Colour $24

Leya Dress in Blue Colour $26

Junn Blouse in Yellow Colour $20

Junn Blouse in Pink Colour $20

Heather Dress in Purple Colour $22

Heather Dress in Black Colour $22

Flanc Blouse in Black Colour $22

Flanc Blouse in Fuchsia Colour $22

Brix Blouse in Black Colour $24

Brix Blouse in Beige Colour $24

Bernice Dress in Green Colour $21

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