Sunday, September 04, 2011

missQueenie Weekly Launch!
12th September 2011
Stay Tuned

Naeko Romper in Grey Colour $26

Naeko Romper in Beige Colour $26

Naeko Romper in Black Colour $26

Naro Maxi in Navy Blue Colour $24
Orange Colour Sash is included

Pauline Bag $28

Fyn Maxi in Black Colour $24

Fyn Maxi in Fuchsia Colour $24

Gloria Maxi in Black Colour $25

Gloria Maxi in Navy Blue $25

Germaine Vintage Bag in Gloss Camel Colour $25

Morris Maxi in Cream Colour $25

Morris Maxi in Black Colour $25

Morris Maxi in Red Colour $25

Morris Maxi in Green Colour $25

Ema Maxi in Turquoise Colour $22
Belt is not included

Ema Maxi in Light Brown $22

Cheryl Maxi $22

Celine Granny Bag in Camel Colour $25

Lovelle Maxi in Dark Grey Colour $23

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