Monday, February 28, 2011

We had launched this collection featuring Reiee,
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The Hot Geisha Blogger Miyake Wong!

Advertorial Dated 9th January 2011


Black Faux Leather with Chain brought out the rock and cool side of me.

A little change of style as usual. I like to change my style here and there as i don’t like to stay in the same style everytime.
Sometimes i just can’t help but to think that once in awhile i should try out other styles but still Japanese Style.

Anyway, today the thing I am trying to point out is all about bags, bags and bags!

It’s really hard for me to shop for a bag that i really like and although i have lots of clothes but i only have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7?
7 bags and out of the 7 bags i owned i only liked 2. Out of 2 of the bags that i like is black with a simple design.

I am not a “bag type of person” as in i don’t own lots of bag to actually use them to match my outfits.
Surprised right? Anyway, this post is to you let you know that I’ve been eyeing on this bag from

And yes, they actually agreed to sponsor me this bag instead of the usual products which is apparels.

Well, that explains my mass spam pictures in this blog post because i wanted to show you my new bag!

Been eyeing on Slight Chain Bag for quite sometimes, i really love the combination of the black leather and sliver chain.
Missqueenie had written down all the details on their website for this cool bag please click here to view it, thank you!

I really like this red lips look, please don’t tell me that it don’t suit me or it looks ugly on me *i don’t want to listen*
I bought this red lipstick recently for like $9.50 only and lipgloss for $8.00, i did apply lipgloss for this red lips look.

Just in case you’re wondering what lipstick and lipgloss i am using:
Silky Girl Moist Rich L 25 Hot and ZA Plumper Lipgloss 01 Glossy Cherry

By the way, Mamatiam is Missqueenie sister’s website!

Do you know that Mamatiam is a wholesale site? As long as you purchase more than 12 items, there will be a 35% off.
Free local courier service to your doorstep and convenient timing to choose from 10am to 10pm.

Join Missqueenie mailing list and you can get a 20% e-voucher!
They will be holding a walk-in-sales in their warehouse before Chinese New Year and you will be invited too!

That’s only if you join their mailing list, so come on what are you waiting for? Join the mailing list now. Yes now my dear.




Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Japanese Babe!

Blogger: Elaine Yuki just did an advertorial for

Dated 28 January 2011 to prepare the up-coming Lunar New Year

Check it out:

Have I ever mentioned before that Miss Queenie is one of my favourite blogshop in Singapore? Lots of readers always email me and ask me which blogshop I always frequent. Well, Miss Queenie is one of them!

I love most of the clothes there as it’s more of my style.


There’s so many different kind of tops. Different color, different designs. But you can hardly find unique ones. Don’t you agree?

In my opinion, I think that this top is very unique and sweet. I chose it without hesitation!


Quality wise, you don’t have to worry; it’s all good.

Talking about delivery services, they are fast and efficient!

And here comes the best part. Bought your Chinese New Year clothings yet? Need last minute shopping but yet don’t wanna squeeze with the crowd? Or, your schedule don’t allow you to shop and you’re worried that there’s not enough time for you to get your stuffs? Fret not! Because,THERE’S STILL TIME FOR SHOPPING, WITH MISS QUEENIE!!

Gosh I feel so excited just by typing that sentence. Lol.

There’s still enough time to send out your items if you need it by this Lunar New Year. Miss Queenie can arrange doorstep local courier service at only $5! What’s more? Delivery can be arranged to YOUR convenience from 10am till 10pm! OH RIGHT MAN!

Remember to apply voucher code “LUVELAINE” upon check out to entitle a 10% off! Promotion ends till 15Feb 2011.

Simply Awesome!!!!!

Thanks Elaine =)


Queenie is having her holiday now at Bali with her lover =D .... Love Bali!!!!
Fret not! All paid items will not be delayed =)

Doing my blog hopping as usual coz i couldnt sleep....

visiting my favourite blogger: Miyake Wong's website again!
& Found this blog advertorial she did for last december

I Love It

View it yourself:

Christmas is just around the corner, therefore MissQueenie is having 20% discount!

Got this Skull Cardigan few weeks ago from them and i really like it. Click here to read my old post that i featured Miss Queenie few weeks ago.

Visit now!

This pretty Japanese looking babe really look nice on all clothings!!!

i so.... wanna be young again =l

Having problem like me, cant sleep in the night?

Online Shopping Therapy Helps =D