Friday, April 08, 2011

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Wig or no wig?

How do i look with the wig? Haha ^.^ I think it looks okay in pictures but never possible to wear it out cox it's just too pong. Lol.

Flora Overall from Miss Queenie =DD LOVE IT!!!!
Super 'airy' like i'm not wearing anything! Love love love!!!

Pink Leopard prints Long sleeves =D Cute not!
Also from Miss Queenie!

Sweetie Pie Blogger Zonia Raymond updates on missQueenie =)

Hihi! Im back after a longgg time! Im going to be done with projects after early next week so I would be able to blog more often then! (But end of projects marks the start of study week(s) which means exams are coming! ): )

I've a blogshop to introduce in this space! Miss Queenie is probably not new to most of you out there! With a whole lot of merchandises ranging from apparels to bags to accessories! A one stop online store for you! :D

I got a maxi skirt from Miss Queenie! This piece caught my eye because of its super vibrant colours! I loveeee bright colors & of course, PINK! :D

Image Hosted by

Suitable for many occasions, you can simply pull a jacket over it and it'd be formal enough for a dinner! It can also be worn as a tube or halter dress but I definitely prefer to wear it as a skirt! :D

Image Hosted by

I always thought patchwork looking designs were sooo pretty! This skirt from Miss Queenie happens to be the first patchwork looking clothing I have! Miss Queenie has sooooo many items, do take the time to browse through the website patiently to avoid missing some of the pretty and cute pieces!

Shop away girls! :D

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