Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I just want to shout out loud that

YES missQueenie is married!! But dont call me MRS Queenie please =D

Fairy Tales do come true!!
This is totally my dream wedding ;)

The Red Carpet

On the red carpet!!
I'm holding on to my dad's arm after so so so many donkey years...
I swear this is my most happy moment =D

Solemnize by the poolside of Sentosa Siloso Beach Resort!

My dearest girlfriends!
They are simply gorgeous

My families!
One word -- LOVE

The Ladies

The Brothers


Our customize cupcake!!
Bride and Groom

yup! The Bride and The Groom:

Last but not the least!
Thank You for Sharing our Joy =)

Sincerely Special Thanks to photographer: Darwis Sunaryo

Happily Married on 25th May 2011
I just cant wait for my actual day wedding dinner this 5th Nov 2011

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