Thursday, May 19, 2011

MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011

Miss Queenie!

Im back after my exams ended last week! First up, Miss Queenie is back with a cutsy hoodie! (: (Look at the panda! sooo cute!)

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I chose this hoodie from Miss Queenie after much deliberation! The weather had been really crazy these days, raining now, with the sun shining brightly awhile later! Thats why I see no harm in wearing a top below and bring this hoodie out! (Thats because I dont bring brollys out because I find it a real hassle, although I've learnt my lesson the hard way a few times!)

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This hoodie, along with 2other cardigans and my jeans were my lifesaver when I was studying for my exams in school! They were thick thick! but the air con in sch was BRRRR! There were times when I chose to study at the New Extension Bldg in school and it was reallyyyyyy COLD! this hoodie was a must-bring! (:

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Miss Queenie has an awesome and wide range of merchandises to choose from! Do drop by Miss Queenie now!

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