Friday, March 11, 2011


Sweetie Pie: Zonia Raymond!

We had sweetie blogger - Zonia Raymond doing an advertorial for missQueenie's sister shop's MaMatiam!!!

School's out for awhile; Mamatiam!

Assignments and deadlines have been really stressful lately, with the stress level up to my neck. Boo. I still have 4 deadlines + many little deadlines for Business Ethics weekly to meet. Damn. ):

But thats not going to stop me from blogging! I have a Wholesale Fashion Website to share with yall today! is an online One stop Wholesale Store for Fashion Apparel! With items ranging from Clothes to bags to accessories and shoes, Mamatiam is bound to attract the attention of the many of you if you come across this website! The pink bunny jacket with polka dots is from Mamatiam! :D

Image Hosted by

I love the colour! :D

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Hee, bunny ears behind the hood!(:

Mamatiam also offers wholesale 35% off orders for purchases with a minimum of 12 pieces that comes with free delivery to doorstep for Singapore Orders!

Do join their mailing lists to be keep informed of sales and you would receive a 10% e-voucher from Mamatiam!

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